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People health is a priority for all of us, we know that.

For this reason we would like to turn a symbolic embrace to all people who are fighting for life and to people who have now sick loved ones. Being connected today is, more than ever a necessity. We assure you that our services continue to be active at the highest level of quality thanks to the work that we continue to do with passion every day. Each of us works following the maximum precautions measures to fight the spread of the COVID19 pandemic and using the same safe and reliable services we offer to our customers.

Our contact center is always active from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 18PM CET. Shipments are made regularly. We take care of each kind of request punctually with the professionalism that distinguishes us.

We thank you in advance for the trust you will continue to have in Broadsat!

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Internet per hotel e ristoranti - internet per aziende / Internet for hotel and restaurants - Internet via satellite for business


If you have a hotel, a restaurant or other guest accommodation you know very well that your guests will judge you on the quality of internet access provided. Offering reliable connectivity for your customers is no longer optional! Broadsat has created specific solutions to meet this need. More..

Internet per impianti di video sorveglianza - Internet per aziende - Broadsat


CCTV systems for your warehouse, shop or building site are becoming more common and efficient. To use the systems, you need an internet connection with the right performance level. Broadsat creates ad hoc solutions for this.

Connettivita per impianti di produzione dell'energia - fotovoltaico - Internet per aziende - Broadsat

Energy Business

Often solar power or energy power plants are located at remote sites which do not offer traditional internet access. Nonetheless, it is important to connect the plants so that production data can be checked and safety levels monitored. Discover the service that Broadsat can offer you. More…

Internet per video contribution - streaming live - Internet per aziende - Broadsat

Live Streaming

If you have a WebTV or a web radio, live services are essential for your business. It is even more important to have a high-quality service at a lower cost. Broadsat provides you with high-quality pay-per-use services via satellite and an interface to schedule by yourself your live services. More…

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Internet via satellite for business

Our fast satellite internet connection, with 22 MB of bandwidth and performances similar to fiber optic, is the number one choice of companies and professionals. Our 10 years of experience in the satellite field means we can provide your business with much more than just a contract for internet. Broadsat offers you expertise acquired over many years of creating satellite platforms, professionality provided by its staff who are attentive to your needs and timing, support offered to solve and prevent problems, flexibility in tailoring its solutions to suit you, dynamism as a company which helps your business to grow.
Choose satellite connectivity, choose Broadsat!

Feedback from our customers

Recensioni Tooway: professionista ufficio - Internet per aziende - Broadsat

Margherita, 28 years old

I love working from home in my little house with wonderful views of the mountains. The down side has always been getting reception for my mobile, let alone getting an ADSL connection. I was offered all kinds of solutions for internet, but in the end went with satellite, which proved to be the right choice ! ...
I chose a Flat rate contract, which means I feel free to work when I want and not worry about how much traffic I am using. Maybe Fibre will get as far as here one day… but in the meantime this suits me fine!
Recensioni su Tooway per seconda casa, videosorveglianza - Internet per aziende - Broadsat

Matteo e Clara, 41 e 38 years old
Villa owner

We live in Zurich but we also have a little holiday home by the sea in Sardinia where we go a couple of times a year. Knowing there was no-one keeping an eye on it when we weren't there was bothering us more and more, so we jumped at the chance to use this surveillance system to check on ...
the house anytime we want using the mobile. Pity no-one told us that the other systems won’t work, if you don’t have internet! And in any case no other providers cover our home. So we were stuck until a local electrician told us about Tooway: it was our only option and luckily it worked! I have even pointed one of the cameras at the sea so I get to see MY own bit of beach even from Switzerland!
Recensioni su Tooway per casa vacanze, agriturismo, hotel - Internet per aziende - Broadsat

Francesco, 32 years old
Holiday Homes manager
Campiglia Marittima (LI)

Our holiday village has around 40 holiday flats in Campiglia Marittima. It's in the countryside but not far from the sea, it is not exactly in the middle of nowhere in the Tuscan hills. But all the same we had been waiting for years to get internet for our visitors and ourselves ...
we were told we were too far from the Telecom exchange. So we tried with a radio link from Piombino, but the wood on the hill in front made the signal worse than useless. Finally we tried using a satellite dish and it worked rightaway: now our guests get free wi-fi, and we get to use internet for our work, and a voip phone too..
Recensioni su Tooway per piccolo professionista, azienda - Internet per aziende - Broadsat

Gennaro, 77 years old
San Giuliano (NA)

We make bags, and for many years a fax and phone where all we needed, but now it seems you can't do without internet. My son persuaded me to get ADSL from Telecom, but even that wasn't enough: it was too slow or so it seems. Sending ...
and downloading our projects took ages, whenever you wanted to change something, it took even longer. In the end my son convinced me to have a satellite dish because “you get 22 MB”, or that’s what he said. I am a bit old fashioned and what matters to me is how much it costs: the price is the same and he says it works better. So that’s fine by me!
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